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-Michael Jordan

BASKETBALL Skill Training

Nemesis Athletics offers basketball skill training at Stone Bridge Church as the schedule allows year round, but mainly every Tuesday at 730pm. Our basketball skill training sessions provide a high level of basketball training that will improve a players skill set. These basketball training sessions focus on improving the players skills to include dribbling, shooting, ball handling, defensive, offense, basic and advanced basketball concepts. The basketball training sessions are open to all players seeking to improve their basketball game or improve for their school team. All sessions are $30 and are 1.5 hour long.

Nemesis Athletics is a Woodlands, Texas organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, elite basketball instruction to student athletes at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Our year- round training allows basketball players the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential while developing habits to succeed off the basketball court, and beyond the game. Our Skill training is a results-driven skills program with the training focus on ball handling, proper shooting form, free-throw shot, 3 point shot, jump shot, left hand and right hand layups, footwork, passing, spacing on the court, working to get open, post moves, recognizing game patterns, live situational work, offensive and defensive principals along with fundamental basketball concepts. We are determined to assist basketball players in acquiring the skills necessary to compete not only at the select level, but at junior high, high school, and college level as well. We emphasize the proper execution of the fundamentals, the mind set and movements necessary to become a successful basketball player. We use the most current progressive, innovative, and creative basketball drills to enhance each player's skill set. We will only offer a max of 30 spots for each training session with up to 4 coaches in attendance.

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Skills Training $30, Semi-Privates $40 and Privates are $60