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Tournament Policy

The Nemesis Athletics Crushers Select Basketball Team will look to enter into basketball tournaments every weekend year round.

We will have tournament sign-up sheets at practices and through e-mail. Once players commit to tournaments and a deadline is reached, the payments are collected and the tournament is entered. You must let us know in advance when you can play in order to get on a tournament roster. You must also pre-pay the tournament to make final rosters. We will send out e-mails with proposed tournament rosters and then a final tournament roster. These final rosters normally come out mid-week as I get the tournament schedules from the tournaments, but sometimes as late as Friday morning.

There will also be special basketball tournaments that will emphasized occasionally as being a league suggested tournament that we want all teams/players to attend if possible. The Players that want to play will be broken into teams by age or grade (depending on the tournament type) so that we have good set teams.

There are different levels of tournament teams:
A Teams = Elite basketball teams which play a national or extensive regional AAU tournament schedule at the elite level, seeking the highest level of competition. These teams will need to travel to other cities. They will also play local tournaments that are high level or play up a level in those tournaments. These teams use a firm starting 5 rotation and compete to win in most situations. Playing time is based on skill level and tournament level.
B Teams = Select accomplished teams which play regional/local schedule, seeking a strong level of competition. These teams compete to win, but also try to rotate more to develop players.
C Teams = Developmental and recreational level teams that primarily play similar level of competition locally only. These teams use full rotations to give equal playing time.

Alodia has tournaments every weekend and these will be used by our teams to develop. The B and C teams will mainly play in these Alodia and Legends Tournaments year round only, unless they sign up for travel tournaments as well. Once teams show they can beat teams consistently in Alodia tournaments, they will seek a higher level of competition at other tournaments or play up in the Alodia tournaments if no other tournaments exist that weekend. An age group may end up having several A teams when we have enough players. They will still be broken up by color.

In some situations, Players will be allowed to play by age, other times by grade, so the actual teams will vary in who participates. Teams will be formed based on the tournament type, team skill level attending, Team Practice attendance, Nemesis Crusher player standings, # player commitments to play and Athletic Director/Coaches placement decisions. The goal is produce balanced teams to provide ample playing time and also the best chance to win games against the opponents and to develop set teams. In some situations will need to blend teams and also blends grades in order to form teams.

Basically, the goal will be to develop set teams of around 5-10 that always play together, so that these players develop synergy. However, we will add other team players to the rosters for games to allow players a chance to play up or down as needed to form well balanced basketball teams for each tournament. However, teams will be adjusted per tournament for various reasons. Teams that want to play together must communicate as a group and get their tournament requests in and pre-pay the tournament fee.

Playing time is determined by the coaches during game situations. Coaches want all the players attending team practices each week and practice attendance is also a factor for playing time. The coaches will play players in tournaments based on their participation in practices and ability to execute plays in the games. When players don’t show up for team practices, the coaches won’t be able to give them very many minutes in games or even add them to the roster since new concepts and plays are developed weekly and the player will be lost. So it is important that you attend the weekly team practices and communicate with your coach when you can’t attend. In some cases however, a player may not be at practice and will get good minutes based on their ability to run the plays and compete.

Most tournaments consist of 3-4 games in a weekend, spread out 1 to 3 days. They will not announce the actual times until the mid-week before the tournament. Sometimes you may have a conflict to attend one or more games. In that case you would just let the Athletic Director know once the schedule is announced. If you know you may have a time conflict, please let the Athletic Director know of the conflict so they can try to get a specific schedule from the tournament director or move the player to non-conflicting game. However, no refunds are given once you commit to play in a specific tournament and payment has been given to the tournament organizer unless the AD makes an exception to the rule based on the situation.

So to play in a tournament on the schedule, you simply say you can commit to play and pay for that tournament by the deadline. The team rosters are created as we get close to the tournament entry deadline (normally mid-week). If the schedule is released and you end up having a time conflict, you would just not play in that game even though you paid for it. All Tournaments are $35 for 3 games per player unless specified or $55 for 2 day tournaments. Travel out of Houston tournamentsn are on a case by case basis since we have to apply the coaches travel expenses into the fee.

So basically, you need to commit to playing in the tournament and pay in advance and if you end up not playing for whatever reason, we are still covered on the tournament fee. If a replacement player is found to play in your spot, they will not be required to pay to play.
The special tournament fee (4/5 Game and more expensive tournaments)is based on tournament cost and # of players signed up by the tournament deadline for tournament(s). The cost will vary based on actual per player.

If the tournament is cancelled, the tournament fees will be refunded to your account.

In cases where a team will need to travel, all travel expenses must be covered by the player unless Nemesis Athletics offers sponsorship funding to cover these travel expenses that may include hotel, transportation and tournament fees. Nemesis Athletics will work to find sponsorship for our travel teams to assist with these expenses so our top level teams can play in quality tournaments. This type of sponsorship is called Tournament Team Sponsorship. You can also work fundraisers that are offered weekly to help with these expenses.

The option of travel is always up to the player and parents. By signing up to play in a tournament, you are committing to the location, event and potential date/time. If things come up that prevent you from attending, you simply do not play in one or all the games. Nemesis Athletics will attempt to find replacement players in that event if notice is given. It will be up to the game coach to make the decision to play if players do not show up for a tournament.

Most Tournaments are by Grade. Some are by Age. We will create teams based on the rules.

AGE BASED DIVISIONS - 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U & 14U. For teams that have chosen to organize on the basis of the athlete's age, the AAU provides age based competition as follows: 7 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 7 on August 31, 2018 8 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 8 on August 31, 2018 9 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 9 on August 31, 2018 10 &Under Division An athlete can be no older than 10 on August 31, 2018 11 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 11 on August 31, 2018 12 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 12 on August 31, 2018 13 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 13 on August 31, 2018 14 & Under Division An athlete can be no older than 14 on August 31, 2018

2018-2019 Alodia Basketball Rules
All tournaments are based on Grade attending only

Once uniforms have been ordered and/or League fee has been paid, the uniform fee and league fee are not refundable if a player quits the league for any reason. Tournament Fees are moved forward when not used but can be asked to be refunded if a credit exists. Practice Fees and Private Training classes paid in advance will be refunded on request if the refund is requested before the event occurs.


If you are considering playing on a select basketball team for any age group 9U-18U, please Contact us at